Driving penalties generate more than £11,000 in fines for South Tyneside Council


Motorists behaving badly on the roads of South Shields has generated more than £11,000 for a local authority.

New figures from insurance comparison site confused.com show that South Tyneside Council has gathered in £11,370 since 2013 from penalty charges generated by cameras.

The charges include driving in bus lanes, driving through no entry areas, stopping in yellow box junctions, going the wrong way in a one way street and committing illegal U-turns.

A Freedom of Information request, found that the use of cameras generated £8,520 for South Tyneside Council in 2013, and although no revenue at all was made in 2014, £2,850 has been gathered in 2015.

The revenue generated by the council is small change compared to the likes of Glasgow City Council, which has already generated more than £4million this year alone.

Head of motor insurance at Confused.com Matt Lloyd said: “As the findings show, more and more councils are using CCTV cameras to catch drivers breaking traffic laws.

“In 2015 motorists paid more than £36million to some local councils, which is the equivalent to nearly a million fines being issued for traffic offences. This is a staggering amount of money, but it’s also worrying to see the number of traffic misdemeanours that motorists have so far committed in 2015.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “Driving in bus lanes is illegal and causes unnecessary delays to public transport services.

“Due to limited staff resources, the council introduced semi-fixed CCTV cameras to enforce bus lanes in the borough more efficiently.

“The cameras play a key role in improving both road safety and reliability for people who use the bus, especially at peak hours.”