Drunk woman threatened to attack police officer – while on bail for punching his colleague

Emma Hook pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer at South Shields Police Station.
Emma Hook pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer at South Shields Police Station.

A booze-fuelled yob who threatened to punch a police officer – while on bail for an attack on another cop – has been warned she could face Christmas behind bars.

Emma Hook was handed a jail threat by District Judge Roger Elsey only two weeks ago, after admitting striking a constable at South Shields Police Station after going on a drink binge.

If you don’t stay out of trouble you will be locked up for Christmas.

District Judge Roger Elsey

The 26-year-old found herself back in the dock appearing before the same judge yesterday after hurling drunken abuse in the street at a police officer – and telling him: ‘I hit a police officer the other day, I will do it again’.

Hook had been granted bail after her previous brush with the law in order for the probation service to assess whether she was suitable for an alcohol treatment order to tackle her booze problems.

But the court heard that, not only did Hook not turn up for the appointments – forcing her sentencing date to be delayed – she also ended up back in custody thanks to her latest offence.

Judge Elsey told Hook her growing catalogue of crime was pushing her ever closer to ‘getting locked up’.

Hook’s latest offence also breached a 7pm to 7am curfew, which she was placed on by police ahead of another upcoming court date for a burglary matter.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “Police attended Western Approach at 3am on Sunday after reports of concern for a woman.

“She was identified as drunk and told an officer she didn’t know where she lived.

“The officer said he would show her where she lived but she swore at him and said ‘I hit an officer the other day and I will do it again’.”

Hook, of St Marks Way, South Shields, admitted being drunk and disorderly in a public place and breaching her curfew.

District Judge Roger Elsey adjourned sentencing until December 22, to tie in with sentencing for the assault on a police officer and the burglary charge.

District Judge Elsey said; “You are appearing in that dock too often, you are getting nearer to getting locked up. If you have don’t turn up for your appointments you will get a prison sentence instead.

“Your liberty at Christmas is at risk.”

“If you don’t stay out of trouble you will be locked up for Christmas.”

Hook was given bail until December 22.

Offender told her behaviour was ‘out of control’

Emma Hook landed herself in court just a fortnight ago when she hit out at a cop at a police station – after turning up to confess a crime.

The 26-year-old had Emma Hook made her way to South Shields Police Station on Sunday, November 29 after a drink binge when she realised she was out beyond her curfew hours and couldn’t find her way home.

But when she was approached by an officer while slumped on a bench in the station foyer, she warned him he would ‘get it’ before clenching her fists and punching him in the chest.

She was swiftly arrested and kept in police cells ahead of a court date the following morning, where she admitted the assault and was told her behaviour was ‘out of control’ by a judge.

Valerie Bell, defending, said Hook had been in a ‘drunken and confused’ state when she arrived at the police station.

Miss Bell said: “Alcohol played its part. On the night she was drinking heavily and found herself at a bus stop.

“She couldn’t find her way home and went to the police station to tell them as she should’ve been at home for 7.30pm on her curfew.

“The officer didn’t require any medical treatment.

“It was a very silly thing for her to do and she spent a night in the police cells.”

District Judge Elsey warned Hook: “People who punch police officers can go to prison for up to six months.”