Anti-bullying campaign hits the right note at South Shields Community School

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A South Tyneside school has turned to music to drive home its anti-bullying message.

Singer/songwriter Rich Cottell visited South Shields Community School last week to raise awareness of the dangers of social networking and cyber bullying.

The visit is part of the school’s ongoing campaign to highlight its anti-bullying message to pupils and the support available.

Rich said: “Students can access social media anywhere, it has become a very important part of their lives, but we need to educate them to be safe and responsible as it can also be a very dangerous tool when not used in the right way.”

The day was attended by the school’s anti-bullying mascot ‘Panda’ brought in to raise awareness of bullying. Comic strips are also being produced for the school’s newsletter to highlight the consequences of bullying.

The event was made possible with help of Carillion, Wynard Concierge and Education Network.

Students can access social media anywhere, but we need to educate them to be safe and responsible.

Rich Cottell

Shaun Porter, director at Education Network, which donated £1,500 to raise awareness of bullying at the school in Nevinson Avenue and its feeder schools, said: “The initiatives aim is to change attitudes, for students to become more inclusive and welcoming and for them to realise that everyone can do something about bullying.”

An anti-bullying cake sale, sponsored by Carillion, saw students raise £58. The money will be used to keep anti-bullying high profile in school.

Beverley Townsend, assistant facilities manager, said: “Sadly, bullying is a problem which will probably never go away. It’s existed since the dawn of time, and will probably continue to exist in some form. However it is our aim to reduce its prevalence and its impact. By sponsoring SSCS’s anti bullying campaign we hope to do this.”

Wynyard Concierge Services Ltd has donated £500 towards the anti-bullying scheme to promote students well-being. Helen Daurge, general manager, presented the Panda with a cheque at the anti-bullying event.