Green charity offers education help

A LEADING environmental charity is adding a global touch to its new education drive across South Tyneside.

Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle (STAN) is starting free courses in literacy, mathematics and computer-based ICT on September 8 – the day UNESCO launches its annual International Literacy Day.

Both initiatives aim to boost education and career opportunities for people who have yet to achieve their learning goals and aspirations.

To set the ball rolling, Groundwork is now looking to recruit 130 people aged 19 and over.

Courses can last from a few months to a full academic year, and lead to a Functional Skills qualification at entry Level 1 and Level 2 in the chosen subject.

Andrew Watts, executive director of Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle, said: “These courses are specifically tailored to those who want to increase their understanding of language, maths and ICT.

“This is the third successive year they have been run and they have proved very successful. Many who have passed one level of qualification have returned to sit the next – they get a great deal from it.

“It is a happy coincidence that the courses start on the day International Literacy Day takes place – it shows that people the world over understand the importance of education.

“Educational opportunities depend on literacy, it is at the heart of basic education for all. These courses can help people to boost their confidence and achieve their goals by equipping them with skills for life.

“Although we are recruiting for courses which start next month, we are constantly looking to help people with these skills and they can join us after September if they wish.”

Hebburn-based Groundwork’s specialist staff are holding recruitment open days at various community centres and hubs across South Tyneside, according to local demand.

Those applying will be individually assessed to identify their learning requirements so that the right level of course is chosen.

Courses will also be held in centres close to where demand for them is strongest.

Further information on recruitment and courses is available from Stewart Kelly on 428 1144 or at

Information on Groundwork STAN is at

Twitter @shieldsgazette