'How does this happen?' - parents and ex-pupils react with shock and sadness as South Shields school faces closure

South Shields School
South Shields School

Parents and ex-pupils have reacted with sadness and shock after council chiefs revealed proposals to close a struggling school.

South Tyneside Council is launching a consultation process on the future of South Shields School, amid falling pupil numbers and failure to find an academy sponsor.

The school was rated "inadequate" by Ofsted in October 2017, which means the council is obliged to make it an academy - but sadly no sponsor can be found to make it possible.

The council released a statement on the closure consultation last night, to the nasty surprise of parents whose children are on summer holidays from the school - or due to start in September.

Comments of anger and sadness were left on our Facebook page.

Roz Meiers said: "I'm devastated and to read it in the paper first! They say there are places in other schools but our kids are already settled with their friends at a place they know.

"My Year 9 is going to find a move very difficult and disruptive. Council please invest instead of trying to make it an academy. It's not the children's fault, they are not a business commodity that the council can off load so they can save money."

Matthew Hunt said: "Seriously how does this happen? And what happens to the other schools in the area who are already full who have to take the spare pupils. Can the LEA not just take control?"

Blayne O'Brien said: "Around the UK academies are pulling out of funding as the business funding them is costing to much. All going to end up in a mess."

Renee Laming said: "Be nice for parents to have had some correspondence before we read it on here. Yet again, NO communication. Same old story."

Rebecca Bailey said: "Would of been nice to know this beforehand we spent 100s of pounds on new uniform.

"If this closes I hope the school and council will find places for these kids and supply the uniform! Bloody disgrace when they reassure don't us it wasn't closing."

Danielle Potts called on school and council chiefs to hold an urgent meeting with parents.

She said: "This school is a joke. I've made an enquiry with council, my son goes in to Year 9 this year so do I pull him now whilst there is time and before GCSE prep starts? Or do I wait?

Heather Ditchburn Curry said: "This is a new-ish building which must have cost millions to build , how can such a waste of money in the first place be justified?"

James Howes said: "I can't believe how far this school has fallen. I left this school four years ago and I did pretty well, and the school was always rated GOOD by Ofsted.

He added: "I feel sorry for all the pupils who will be worried about their education as well as parents, especially when they haven't long bought whole new uniforms."

Shell Bell said: "So pleased We made the decision with my son for him to move schools. Best thing we ever did for him and he thrived at the school he moved to."