'Is Sunderland in Newcastle?' and other astonishing things students have asked Google

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They say that Google searches have taken away our ability to think for ourselves. Well, a new study appears to bear that out.

"Is Sunderland in Newcastle? and “Does Durham offer a Harry Potter course?” are just two of the astonishing questions which university students have asked the search engine.

The results, from Google’s Autocomplete data, reveal much about student stereotypes, the kind of people who attend different universities, and the validity of specific courses.

Other questions asked include:

1. Are medical students attractive?

2. Why does my lecturer stare at me?

3. Why are art students weird?

4. Is university like Fresh Meat?

5. Is sports science a Mickey Mouse degree?

6. Why are art students pretentious?

7. Are students dumber today?

8. Are law students hot?

9. Are English degrees pointless?

10. Are science students smarter than arts students?

11. Will university change me?

12. Why do I fancy my lecturer?

The research was carried out by student accommodation provider Liberty Living, to try to better understand the questions, worries, and preconceptions which potential students have about entering higher education.

Paul Watson, operations and sales director at Liberty Living, said: "It’s only natural for new students to have queries about university.

"1,747,855 students began undergraduate courses last year, with similar numbers predicted for 2017-18.

"That’s a huge number of curious minds taking to the internet to search for the answer to all sorts of weird and wonderful questions.

“Everyone’s experience is different, so hopefully, most of these young people will make their own minds up about the students they meet, and if university really is like Fresh Meat.”