Just 0.2% of teaching posts in South Tyneside unfilled

A teacher undertakes some marking.
A teacher undertakes some marking.

Schools in South Tyneside ae bucking a national teacher shortage trend.

Just 0.2% of teaching positions on South Tyneside are unfilled, despite there being almost 1,000 vacancies in Britain.

There were 920 vacancies for full-time permanent teachers in state-funded schools in England last year, according to the latest Government data.

A further 3,280 full-time posts were being temporarily filled on a contract of at least one term but less than a year, the figures reveal.

Union leaders have blamed the high vacancies on an escalating teacher recruitment and retention crisis, fuelled by excessive workload and year-on-year cuts to teachers’ pay.

Of the vacant posts, there are 394 in the nation’s primary schools, with 1,624 posts temporarily filled.

In secondary schools across England, there are 412 vacant teaching posts and 1,227 posts filled on a temporary basis.

A report from the Education Select Committee however, which was published in February, says recruitment targets for teaching had been consistently missed and the teacher shortage is getting worse.

It warns that this causes particular problems in some shortage subjects in secondary school, including English, physics, maths and computing.

A spokesman for the South Tyneside Council said: “These figures represent a positive picture in South Tyneside.

“In terms of teacher recruitment, we have low levels of vacancies for permanent posts and low levels of posts being filled on a temporary basis.

The spokeswoman added: “This reflects a broadly stable workforce and strong applicant interest when vacancies do arise.”