Power danger warning to South Tyneside parents

Parents are being urged to warn children about the dangers of electricity.
Parents are being urged to warn children about the dangers of electricity.

Parents across South Tyneside are being urged to remind children to stay away from potential electrical dangers.

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the borough’s power network has issued its safety appeal now the school holidays are under way.

Geoff Earl, director of safety, health and environment at Northern Powergrid, said: “Every year we spread our safety messages to thousands of youngsters but we also need parents across the region to help us too.

“They can play a key role too by reminding their children of the real dangers and helping them understand that interfering, accidentally or otherwise, with any part of the electricity network can prove potentially fatal.

“Just five minutes chatting with them about the potential dangers is all it takes so they know exactly what they should do if they see anything hanging from our power lines or accidently kick a ball into one of our substations. “Retrieving items yourself is extremely dangerous. It’s always best call us by dialling 105 and we’ll send someone out from our engineering team to help.

“Doing the right thing and avoiding the extreme dangers of live electricity, will help ensure that everyone can play safe and stay safe this summer holiday.”

Northern Powergrid’s dedicated school safety presenters - Leena Markovic and Bob Knox - have already visited more than 30,000 schoolchildren in the last 12 months to educate them about the dangers of electricity, and are set to visit thousands more this year.

To arrange a free presentation on the potential dangers, visit www.northernpowergrid.com/services-directory/school-safety