School bans Help for Heroes wristbands: Pupil ends up in isolation for refusing to take one off

A Help for Heroes wristband
A Help for Heroes wristband

Parents have hit out at a school after students wearing charity wristbands were told to take them off.

A pupil at Belmont Community School in Durham was put in isolation after refusing a request to remove a Help for Heroes band.

However, the school insists the rule setting out how any wristbands should not be worn came as a result of calls from parents as they are classed as jewellery and that it has previously raised cash for Help for Heroes.

One pupil’s mum, who did not want to be named, said: “I think it’s a disgrace, especially because of what has been going on and Remembrance Sunday.

“We teach kids the best policies in life and about soldiers and how they have made the world what it is now.

“This is a charity, and we support Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal.”

Paul Marsden, headteacher of the school, said: “Parents have urged us to have high standards of uniform and conduct and at our most recent uniform review parents specifically requested that no jewellery of any type be allowed, including wristbands.

“As a result, students wearing any form of jewellery are asked to remove them until the school day has finished.

“We are strong supporters of charities both locally and nationally and each year we choose a charity to raise money and awareness for during the school year.

“We believe Help for Heroes is a great cause and give them our full backing, as they support an issue that affects both staff and students.

“In the past we have held events specifically for Help The Heroes, such as charity walks and bake sales.

“We regularly talk to students about ways to support good causes and encourage them to get involved, so are more than happy to discuss further support for specific charities that students feel are important.”