South Shields schools hail top class GCSE results

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South Shields youngsters are celebrating making the grade after chalking up impressive GCSE results.

A superb 85% of students at St Wilfrid’s RC College scored at least five A* to C grades in all subjects - a sharp rise of 9% from last year.

At Harton Technology College, 71% scooped five A* to C passes or more, down slightly on 72% last year.

A total of 53% of learners at Mortimer Community College hit the target - down from 66% the previous year.

St Wilfrid’s also led the way for the number of talented teens picking up five or more A* to C passes, when including both maths and english, with a rate of 68% - beating last year’s figure of 66%.

Numbers were down at both Mortimer Community College, from 54% to 46%, and Harton Technology College - falling from 66% to 60% - for the number of students picking up five A* to C passes or more when including both maths and English.

Teachers at all three schools were happy with the results - and full of pride for the efforts of hard-working learners and staff alike.

Claire Mullane, headteacher at Mortimer Community College, said: “We are really pleased. We have had some really good individual success stories.

“We are particularly happy with the mathematic results, which seem to go against the national trend.

“We are very proud of the hard work put in by teachers and students.

“It is still great to see the joy on the kids’ faces. Even though they can pick up their results online, they still like to come in to school to pick up their results.”

Brendan Tapping, headteacher at St Wilfrid’s, was delighted with the progress made by the class of 2015.

He said: “Congratulations to all of our students and our teachers.

“It is good to see that all of their hard work has been rewarded.

“We are very pleased with the results.”

Sir Ken Gibson, headteacher of Harton Technology College, pinpointed a move to not include vocational results in the overall pass rate for the percentage fall at the school.

But he has hailed the determination and dedication to students to achieve strong results.

Sir Ken said; “Getting 60 per cent of students with five A* to C, including maths and English, is an excellent result, particularly against the backdrop of changes in the education system.

“We are incredibly proud of the students and we have had some incredible results.”

Sir Ken had plenty of reason to full of GCSE glee after star student Leoni Loughlin earned a perfect 13 A* grades.

The shell-shocked 16-year-old admitted she felt like she was ‘going to faint’ after finding out her remarkable results.

She said: “I’m very relieved.

“I felt like I was going to faint.

“I was predicted to do quite well, but I never expected this.”

She is staying on at the Lisle Road college for her A Levels and hopes to embark on a career as a doctor.

Deborah Swan was glowing with mother’s pride as her daughter Hope Swan secured an excellent three A* grades to go along with a magnificent seven A grades. at Harton Technology Colege.

Hope said: “I am very happy and very relieved.

“I am staying at Harton technology College for my A Levels.”

She will be going on to study maths, biology, chemistry and psychology - with her sights also set on qualifying as a doctor.

Nicholas Holt couldn’t be happier to win a great eight A grades at St Wilfrid’s RC College.

He is hoping to formulate a career in physics - and will be remaining at the Temple Park Road college for his A Level studies.

He said; “I am happy - I did better than I expected.

“I was excited and nervous ahead of today but now i’m relieved.”

Fellow St Wilfrid’s student Sarah Peart scooped five As and an A* to go along with a trio of B grades.

She said: “I am ecstatic. I didn’t think I would do this well.

“It has been hectic awaiting the results.”

Sarah will also be staying at St Wilfrid’s for her A levels and hopes to go to study law at university.

Pal Grace Nicholls also had plenty to smile about after picking up three A8s and 3As.

She will be staying at St Wilfrid’s for her A Levels - keeping her on track for a dream bid to read politics at the London School of Economics.

Mortimer Community College student Michael Cheel is heading off to Newcastle Sixth Form thanks to a stunning six A grades and another three A* marks.

He said: “I am very happy. I didn’t expect to do so well. I felt a bit sick this morning but now I’m delighted.

“I am going to Newcastle Sixth Form College to study the sciences.”

There was plenty of gain for fellow Mortimer Community College student Megan Payne, who received 6 A grades and an A* in biology.

Shec said: “I was really nervous, I had butterflies.

“But now I feel relief. I’m really happy and didn’t expect to do so well.”

She will be taking up a place at Harton Technology College to study chemistry, biology, maths and history - with an ultimate aim of taking on the university challenge at Cambridge.