South Tyneside GCSE students ahead in the country

Pupils at Whitburn C of E Academy celebrate GCSE results.
Pupils at Whitburn C of E Academy celebrate GCSE results.

Figures released today show the percentage of GCSE students in South Tyneside clinching the top grades is above the national average.

The Department of Education has released provisional figures for how the young people across the country performed in their exams this summer.

Although the figures are just an early indication, with the official figures coming out early next year, they show 56.6% of students in South Tyneside achieved the gold standard of five GCSE grades A*-C including maths and English.

This is higher than the national average of 52.8% and the regional average of 54.4%.

However, the figures show the number of children gaining the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), which is a student gaining grades C or above in core subject, including English,

mathematics, history or geography, science and a modern foreign language, is slightly lower than the national average.

In South Tyneside 20.8% of students clinched the EBacc, compared to 22.5% nationally and 21.2% in the region.

The A-level results in the borough are also lower than the national average.

Nationally the average point score per student is 700.3, regionally it is 641.6 and in the borough it is 571.3.

The average A-level point score per exam entry was 214.8, regionally 212.3 and in South Tyneside, 206.5.

The education department decided to publish the league tables for secondary schools in England, based on provisional data from this summer’s GCSE results.

The aim is to give up-to-date information to parents submitting application forms for secondary school places this month for September 2016.

Full secondary school league tables will be published in January as usual.

Head teachers warned the partial, provisional tables may give parents an “inaccurate and incomplete picture”.