This is how you think the school holidays should be split

Here's what you said in our poll about the summer holidays.
Here's what you said in our poll about the summer holidays.

We asked and you answered.

Is a six-week break during the summer just that bit too long?

According to research, many parents would prefer school holidays to change. But what do you think?

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More than 500 of you voted in our online poll to tell us what you thought about the six-week summer break - and the majority of you were in favour of a longer winter holiday.

Forty per cent of you voted in favour of reducing the summer holiday to increase time off in the winter, shortly followed by the option of spreading holidays throughout the school year (39%).

Just more than a fifth of you (21%) would like to keep the holidays as they are.

Here are some of your comments from social media.

Anna Hargrave: "Make the two half term weeks into two weeks each and only four in the summer then parents won't get penalised for holiday in school term. One week isn't long enough to fit in a family break as flights don't always coincide."

Louise Waters: "I think they should have four weeks off at Christmas. I love spending time with the kids. Not much chance to have family time now as nearly all jobs are unsociable hours."

Ann Mullen: "Six weeks is far too long especially when you struggle with childcare. It should be reduced to four weeks and only one week at Easter but two weeks in the May holidays."

Kay Matthews: "I personally think the summer holidays should be reduced to four weeks and parents should be able to take the kids out of school for two weeks of their choosing due to ridiculous prices of holidays."

Lianne Douglas: "No! Leave them as they are! It's good for kids to have a decent break."

Natalie Brown: "Yes, I've always thought the six weeks should be four, and Christmas and Easter should get an extra week. Either that or two weeks per half term and three weeks in the summer."

Phill Craggzy: "They were talking a couple of years ago of making it four weeks. Also we need to be in line with many other countries on length of school day ours are one of the shortest most being 8-4.30ish."

Christine Orley: "They should be spread throughout the year for a start it would stop holiday and tour operators screwing families over and in my view prevent anti-social behaviour through boredom."