Ellis Short's interview: What Sunderland fans did and didn't want to hear

Fans have been reacting to Ellis Short's rare interview with safc.com in which he spoke out on his views on the club and its direction.

Saturday, 4th November 2017, 11:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:02 pm
Ellis Short

Black Cats supporters have given a mixed reaction to his words on our Facebook page:

Ellis Short

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David Stott said: "'I’m a fan, I know how they feel' - 10 years invested in a business which happens to be a football club does not make you a fan. You're a fan of your business doing well.

"You're actually losing an entire generation of loyal supporters because what kid in their right mind is going to be enthralled watching that every week."

Stephen Moran said: "The only thing I would want to know is what is going on with the finances, how much do we owe (and to who) and most importantly, is Ellis Short going to make money available to whoever the manager turns out to be

"Because unless we invest in the January window we are going down no matter who the new gaffer is."

Ellis Short

Darren Ruddock Snr said: "Does he really think the fans are going to buy that load of #&@% he just spouted? He wants to get back in the premiership - not by spending £1.5million on players we won't."

Paul Weir said: "I don’t think he isn’t spending, he is just doing it differently.

"We are in a massive financial hole due to misspending by previous managers. Short has put a lot of cash into the club over the years, he has been screwed by bad management and bad decisions from the people he trusted to run the club. Now we have to pay the piper."

Les Shaw said: "What we didn’t hear was that he wanted to spend money on the best manager available.

"One who can present a credible long term football project. Has respect within the game and can attract decent players to the club.

"Of course he must be able to get a performance on the pitch. I don’t know who advises him but ex palace owner Simon Jordon would be great on the interview panel."

Ross Mullen said: "Very honest for me, he thought the team would be good enough to do ok this season and for me it should be. Hopsfully he knows he now has to invest in january to stop this free fall."

Rodney Dorrian said: "What a joke this is yes he is right in a fashion but stop back heeling the players that we have got and for how many years have we had to do with. n no new descent players coming in get ya fooking wallet out you Ellis short

Paul Fenech said: "Why don’t you spend? It’s your fault we’re in this mess! PLEASE LEAVE!"