Beluga Whales spotted off Shields coast

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Seaside visitors had a whale of a time when they spotted rare Beluga Whales off the coast of South Shields this week.

The rare sightings delighted passers-by on September 1, who saw the bright white whales swimming along South Shields pier around 12pm.

Kathy James, sightings officer from the Sea Watch Foundation, said they received reports of the beautiful marine mammals on Tuesday, with the first sighting at 12pm and a second sighting at 12.45pm.

“We first had reports of Beluga Whales at Warkworth Bay on Sunday,” she said.

“That was amazing and we thought it was just a one off- but then they were seen again on Monday- two of them together.”

The Arctic species are thousands of miles away from home and the two of them are believed to be travelling down the coast together.

“When they are on home territory there can be hundreds of them together,” Ms James added.

“There have only ever been 17 sightings of them in the UK since 1964 and three sightings this year- so it is really rare.”

Now the Sea Watch Foundation is asking the public to keep a look out for the whales which they believe may travel down the coast past Sunderland in the next few days.

Anyone who has seen the whales are asked to report them by visiting: