‘Four-storey monstrosity’ set to get the go-ahead on South Shields riverside

Claypit Close resident Fiona Ormonde is concerned over building plans
Claypit Close resident Fiona Ormonde is concerned over building plans

A new South Tyneside housing development which opponents have described as a “four-storey monstrosity” is poised for the go-ahead.

 People living in Claypit Close, South Shields, currently look out from the rear of their homes towards a cherry and willow tree.

We chose to live here because of the view

Fiona Ormonde

 But both trees will be felled if plans are approved for a four-storey apartment block aimed at the over-55s on land at Lady’s Walk, beside the town’s River Drive.

 Residents fear the complex will also deprive them of their ‘right to light’ and destroy the scenic view they currently enjoy.

 But the application, from South Tyneside Housing Ventures and Galliford Try Partnership, will be recommended for approval when members of the council’s planning committee meet later this month.

 In April, members of the planning committee deferred a decision until they received more information on the plans from the applicants.

And the latest recommendation comes after the developers amended the scheme amid criticism over the plan.

A report to the committee says: “The amended scheme has reduced the issue of overshadowing of existing properties to a level which is considered reasonable.

“Loss of daylight has been sighted as an objection to the scheme. While the proposed building is taller than the existing properties, it is not so close as to impact on the amount of daylight received at the existing properties sufficient to impact on residential amenity.

“The main issues arising in consideration of the proposals relate to the impact of a development of this size on the neighbouring properties and potential traffic issues.

“These impacts have been examined in detail and, while it is accepted that the development will have an impact on these properties, measures have been taken to reduce this impact to an acceptable level.”

 One of the objectors to the scheme is Fiona Ormonde, 48, of Claypit Close.

 She said: “We chose to live here because of the view. We currently look out at a beautiful cherry tree, but if this is approved, it will be a four-storey monstrosity instead.

 “We’re not against the development. It is just the scale of it which will create overshadowing of our properties in what has always been a quiet street.”

 A report to the planning committee said: “A cherry tree and willow tree will be lost as part of the scheme.

 “The willow tree is in poor condition and new planting will mitigate the loss of this tree. The cherry tree is in good condition but its removal is necessary as a result of revisions to the layout.”

 Members of the planning committee are to meet on Monday, June 29, from 10am at South Shields Town Hall.