Green row is not so black and white, say readers

Malcolm Hall, whose recycling row sparked a debate among readers.
Malcolm Hall, whose recycling row sparked a debate among readers.

A man who fell foul of South Tyneside Council’s recycling rules has been given a mixed reaction on-line.

Malcolm Hall from Dean Road, South Shields, put carrier bags in his blue recycling bin, only to find it slapped with a sticker, saying ‘sorry, your blue bin was not presented correctly for collection today’.

Council bosses say the bags are only recyclable if placed in collection bins in supermarkets.

Some readers online slammed the rules, but others were quick to spring to the defence of the recycling collectors.

Gaz Scott wrote: “The binmen refused to take our blue bin last week ’coz there was a bit of dust from the hoover lying on a cereal box.

“My lass picked the box up and the dust blew away but they wouldn’t take it, so we’ve got to wait a fortnight ‘til it’s emptied again.”

And Louise Smith said: “Mine didn’t get emptied the other week ’cos I had a black bag full of recycling stuff in. I had to wait two weeks, so most of my recycling went in the normal bin.”

But Rob Porteous wrote: “Bin lads seem to get loads of bad press, but ours are spot on! Always speak if you’re out when they collect the bins and if there’s an issue and you’re about they tell you what to do to sort it.

“They regularly put stickers on the bins too to remind you of what and what not to put in.”

And Rocket Science criticised Mr Hall: “Why did you not reuse the bag? You could have used that bag for the next time you go to the shops?

“Or you could have put that bag in the bin Asda has for unwanted carrier bags.”