Renters are trashing Westoe, claim villagers

Homeside, Westoe Village, South Shields
Homeside, Westoe Village, South Shields

NEIGHBOURS are upset about their South Tyneside village being trashed by tenants not binning their rubbish correctly.

Over the last few months householders in Westoe Village, South Shields, say they’ve been plagued by rubbish bags being left strewn around.

We’ve never had a problem like this before in the village.

Resident Erica Maher.

They say the problem is being caused by the large number of people renting rooms at the former Homeside nursing home.

Instead of disposing of their bags in the proper bins, they say they’re being left out, and, as a result, seagulls are ripping open the plastic and their contents are ending up everywhere.

Environmental health officers from South Tyneside Council have already been out twice, and the authority has since sent out letters advising how waste should be disposed of.

Erica Maher, 64, who lives opposite the house, said: “The problems first started a few weeks ago, the bags had just been left and not put correctly in the bins.

“Then of course the seagulls came, and started pecking and ripping at the bags, and then the mess was just scattered everywhere.

“We’ve never had a problem like this before in the village.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council received complaints at the end of January about poor refuse management at these premises, and the environmental health service wrote to all the tenants requesting that they keep the outside area tidy and keep all refuse contained until bin collection day.

“A check of the site on February 5 confirmed that the area had been cleared and bins emptied.

“Following a further complaint the premises have again been inspected, and work is under way again on clearing the area.

“We have raised the need to manage waste storage with the owner, and we will keep the site under review.”

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