EU Referendum: Nine comments from readers who are supporting 'Vote Remain'

Today, Britain is going to the polls to decide whether or not the country should remain as part of the European Union.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 10:32 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 11:53 am
Prime Minister David Cameron leaves after casting his vote at a polling station in Westminster. Picture: Press Association.

Public opinion seems to be split - but one person who has certainly cast his vote in favour of Team Remain is Prime Minister David Cameron.

The leader of the Conservatives attended a London polling station this morning - and has urged his supporters on social media to follow his lead.

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Here are some comments from those of you, our readers, who have also expressed an interest in staying in.

Sharon Smith: "Leaving will have very little effect on immigration or free up money for the NHS and we get back a lot of the money we pay into the EU! REMAIN!"

John D Jones: "The people of the North East forget that the EU has put up money in the region during the 80s and 90s for jobs, growth and infrastructure when the Tories wouldn't."

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall: "In. Leaving is ridiculous. It will devalue our currency and damage our standing in the world."

Jackie Thompson: "We have got to stay in Europe especially when we are from the North East of England."

Vikki Thompson: "Remain. Without question. Economic suicide to do anything else."

Julie Burton: "In in in! My vote done."

George McAuslane: "100% in."

Chris Smith: "We still need to stay in."

Lee Gavin Anderson: "We are stronger in than out."