EU is starting to unravel

February 29 will probably go into the history books as the date that the European Union began to unravel.

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 8:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 8:26 am

Leaders and MEPs are falling over themselves to pass the blame for the migrant crisis to someone else, while Germany continues to maintain that “there will be no upper limit to numbers” (German Defence Minister Peter Doskozil), and Angela Merkel claimed she would arrange for migrants to be flown directly to Germany.

She has not spoken to the other leaders, or even her own cabinet, about this and that the German people do not want it is obvious after the New Year’s Eve situation led to near riots in several countries. Has she taken the logistics into consideration?

How many aircraft, what effect on the German economy as Lufthansa cancels regular flights to provide them, where are the crews, what will be the reaction from the average German to seeing hundreds of flights a day landing at airports all over their country? The practical problems are enormous. Meanwhile Austria, Finland, France and other countries are tearing up the Schengen Agreement by rebuilding their national borders as fast as they can.

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I believe people will not take much more before they take direct action themselves. Peaceful protests, petitions and other democratic moves have been ignored by the EU’s leaders, so what other choice but open rioting will the people have with which to protest?

At its first major test the EU is tried, and found wanting. Why would anyone want to risk our national security and safety by signing us up for more by voting ‘in’ on June 23rd?

Kay Rowham