Evicted teen: ‘I’m no nightmare neighbour’

'NIGHTMARE' DENIAL ... Stevie McQueen, who was evicted after complaints about her loud music.
'NIGHTMARE' DENIAL ... Stevie McQueen, who was evicted after complaints about her loud music.

A TEENAGER evicted from her South Tyneside council home has denied claims she was a “nightmare neighbour”.

A court heard that Stevie McQueen made the lives of people in Edhill Avenue, Simonside, South Shields, unbearable with loud music and noisy gatherings at her flat.

The 19-year-old has now left the downstairs property after South Tyneside Council secured her eviction through the county court.

But Ms McQueen claims the case against her had been “exaggerated” and “blown out of all proportion”.

She claims a dispute with one particular resident escalated and resulted in her not opposing an application for a possession order on the property.

Ms McQueen said: “In the end, I was just glad to get out of there.

“Things started to go downhill around Christmas. The police called on Boxing Day and just asked us to put the music off at 11pm – and we did.

“It all got completely out of control.

“The police were being called for any little thing, and I ended up staying at my mother’s house most of the time.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable being in my own home. The music was never that loud. I did have friends round, but it wasn’t all the time.

“Maybe once it was played too loud, but not often. All these things are being said about me and it’s all just been blown completely out of proportion.”

The council took action after its anti-social behaviour (ASB) unit received numerous complaints of loud music being played, foul language, slamming doors and visitors fighting and arguing.

Ms McQueen added: “I actually had the choice of staying at the flat for six months and then to go back to court, but I just wanted out of there. I’ve been staying between places since then.

“I’ve been attacked for things that I didn’t do and now I can’t apply for another council property for another 10 years. It’s just not fair.”

The council’s ASB unit would urge anyone experiencing anti-social behaviour to contact them on 424 7999, text ASB and your message to 07786 200 802 or complete an online form atwww.southtyneside.info/asb