'˜Eyesore' scaffolding saga finally over for pensioner - after plea to the Gazette

A grateful grandmother has hailed the Gazette after '˜eyesore' scaffolding - which has blighted her home for a month for a neighbour's roof repair - was finally removed.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 5:00 am
Evelyn Hannah is angry over scaffolding which has been put on her property

Furious pensioner Evelyn Hannah warned bosses at South Tyneside Homes that she could take the unslightly structure to the ‘scrap man’ if it wasn’t cleared up.

But after nearly a month of inaction, the metal poles were packed up and taken away swiftly from her privately-owned property after the fed-up 86-year-old issued a plea for help to the Shields Gazette.

Evelyn Hannah is pleased the scaffolding has gone from her Hebburn home. Picture Jane Coltman

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The scaffolding was erected by South Tyneside Homes workers who were carrying out a repair to a council home next door to Mrs Hannah’s house in Cuthbert Street, Hebburn, nearly a month ago.

The obstruction left Mrs Hannah unable to even put her washing on the line.

She says the repair work had been carried out - but the scaffolding which towered over her kitchen window was still not removed despite a string of calls to housing chiefs.

Now she is celebrating being back in the all-clear.

Evelyn Hannah is pleased the scaffolding has gone from her Hebburn home. Picture Jane Coltman

The gran-of-two said; “I amm relieved the scaffolding is finally gone. I think it was only removed because I got in touch with the Gazette.

“I think South Tyneside Homes were running scared.

Mrs Hannah said: “The scaffolding was put up a month ago.

“I contacted South Tyneside Homes and told them I will take it to the scrap man if it isn’t removed.

“The scaffolding was put right over my window.

“I own my home and wasn’t asked for permission for this to happen. I may have agreed if they had asked me, but just went ahead and did it. I haven’t even been able to put my washing on the line.”

Mrs Hannah feels she should be given compensation over the ordeal she has been put through.

She added; “I feel like I should be given compensation over this. I’m just really cheesed off over it. It left my house looking like an eyesore.

“I should be compensated for the cost of having to put the heating on to dry my clothes as I’ve not been able to access my washing line.”

While South Tyneside Homes workers have moved in to remove the scaffolding, she was left with a fresh gripe after they failed to shift a planting pot to its original place, despite her leaving them a note with the request.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Homes said: “We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The spokesman added that arrangements had been made for the scaffolding to be taken down.