Families defiant over controversial green bin charge as council extends payment deadline

Households remain unwilling to cough up for the new £25 charge to have their garden waste collected.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 10:15 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 11:39 am

We reported how South Tyneside Council has extended the earlybird deadline from December 31 to January 31 after it was revealed just one in five of homes had chosen to sign up to the controversial scheme.Homes with gardens previously had their garden waste collected for free, but a £30 charge has been introduced from this spring - reduced to £25 for those who sign up before the deadline.

But many seem to remain defiant about the charge, and have commented on our Facebook page how they will continue to refuse to pay.

Sarah Louise said: "If only one in five people have signed up, that's got to tell them something! They get more than enough money off tenants as it is."

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Linda Chambers said: "One in five, that many?? Well the people that have signed up are either not short of a bob or two or have an acre sized garden, even if it was a pound a year I wouldn't pay, it's all about the principal."

Kelly Ahmed said: "Just got my letter yesterday I'm not paying, no way."

Isobel Charlie Harris said: "It's cheaper to pay for petrol to the rubbish tip, failing that stick it in the black bin in a bin liner, never know the difference unless they split the bags "

Helen Scott said: "We have a canny size garden, but we won't be paying. Do the council not sell the green waste on for compost anyway?"

Neil Robinson said: "Straight in the grey bin for me."

Karen Winn said: "I've asked council to pick my green bin up and remove as I'll no longer be using it and they've replied saying they have no plans to collect the green bins from those who are not subscribing to the scheme. Husband is planning on dropping it off himself as I don't want a bin that I won't be using."

Eileen Drummond said: "It's not the council who will be collecting, the contract was given to an outsider. I'm one of the many not paying"

Joy Pinkie said "I don't see why i should pay for a green bin to be emptied when I've lived here five months and still cant get a green bin off them! 'Out of stock and on a waiting list!' And they expect me to pay for my nonexistent bin to be emptied..."