Family calls for help on Christmas Day after flood water heads for Cleadon home

Sunniside Lane in Cleadon. Copyright Google Maps.
Sunniside Lane in Cleadon. Copyright Google Maps.

A Christmas Day rescue mission was launched as flood water began to seep into a house.

Firefighters from South Shields Fire Station were called to Sunniside Lane in Cleadon at 8.40pm yesterday after a culvert in a nearby field overflowed and water began to enter the kitchen and dining room.

Pumps were used to clear the water, while the crew, along with colleagues from Gateshead Fire Station, dug a trench to divert the water away from the property.

They were at the house until 12.30am as they helped in the clear up effort.

Crew manager John Winter, from South Shields Fire Station, said: "They did the right thing by calling, and prevented a bad situation becoming a very bad situation."