Family may disown far right candidate

A FAR right election candidate says his parents will probably disown him after discovering he is a member of the National Front.

Charles Schmidt admitted to the Gazette that he has racist views and is a moderator of the white pride website Storm Front.

He also revealed that his affluent parents did not know about his far right political views until this week.

Mr Schmidt, a 24-year-old Cambridge University graduate, is standing for the Biddick and All Saints ward in this week's council elections.

The Gazette discovered this week that he is a regular contributor to Storm Front, which acts as a message board for racists.

It claims not to be a Nazi website, but is known for attracting Nazi supporters.


He is one of the site's 50 moderators, based worldwide, who decide what is fit for being seen on the Internet.

When we confronted him at his home in Breamish Street, Jarrow, which is littered with Celtic literature and Union flags, Mr Schmidt told how his parents were ashamed he was a member of the National Front.

His father Michael is a professor in the English department at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He said: "My mum might disown me.

"My parents are nice, sensitive people.

"They are intelligentsia, and it (the National Front) does not go down well in those circles - so much so that I learned not to tell them.

"It is a bit awkward. In the real world there are many people who would rather it was not around.

"I am not ashamed of my beliefs, but I do not have no sense of propriety.

"To go out into the world as an open racist just does not get you anywhere.

"You have to hide your light under a bushel.

"It is an unpopular cause, but if I was really ashamed of it, I would have stayed in comfortable anonymity and would not be standing as a councillor."

Mr Schmidt added that 10 years ago he would not have believed he would be in the National Front.

He said he is standing for the party to ensure whites do not become an "ethnic minority" in the UK.

"I do not see myself as a racist primarily. I think it's important we do not become an ethnic minority in this country," he added.

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