Family outline plans for Bradley Lowery Foundation

Bradley Lowery's family are looking to set up a charity in his name.
Bradley Lowery's family are looking to set up a charity in his name.

The family of little hero Bradley Lowery have outlined their plans for a charitable trust set up in his name.

In a post on Bradley's official Facebook Page, 'Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma,' today, the family confirmed they had submitted an application to set up The Bradley Lowery Foundation.

Bradley Lowery sadly lost his battle with neuroblastoma earlier this month.

Bradley Lowery sadly lost his battle with neuroblastoma earlier this month.

The charity will honour the memory of little Bradley, who tragically lost his battle to cancer neuroblastoma aged just six, earlier this month.

Lynn Murphy, Bradley's fundraising co-coordinator said the family want to help children under the age of 18 by raising funds for medical treatment or equipment and said it is even looking to provide a memory-making holiday home.

In the post she said: "I just want to let people know what our aims are with the charity so that things are clear to everyone, who may need our help.

"The application for the Bradley Lowery Foundation, was submitted on Wednesday and yesterday all of the trustees received an email to say they had received it.

"When the foundation is set up, we will have a list of criteria, (every charity must have this) before we are able to help. "

The roles the charity will play will be the following:

1) Help people with fundraising campaigns

2) Supporting families throughout their fundraising campaigns

3) Speaking to specialists on behalf of the families to see if and what trials are available

4) Pointing people in the right direction for help and support with none medical funding

5) Consulting and working with other charities with regards to research into all conditions that effect families campaigns

6) Giving grants where applicable

7) Looking into having a memory-making holiday home.

Lynn added: "These are just a few things we will be doing.

"As it stands at the moment, we have to wait for the charity commission to get back to us, so everything has been transferred to our legal team until this happens.

"Until the charity is established Gemma and I will be going through the emails of the families requesting help and making contact with them to discuss what they need help with and how we can help them.

"Some families are unaware of treatments available for them so we will speak about treatments that may be available.

"We have a professional board of trustees who want help us help as many families as possible, they are experienced in Law, accounting,media and management in charity organisations.

"This will be a huge benefit to the charity."

Once the charity is established families in need will be able to apply for help via email. Anyone with further questions are asked to contact them by Facebook on Bradley's official page or by emailing: