Family reunited with precious lost photos

Mark Bolton from the Co-operative Funeralcare.
Mark Bolton from the Co-operative Funeralcare.

A funeral director from South Tyneside has solved a mystery and re-united a family with their photos after responding to a Gazette appeal.

Earlier this month staff at the Causey Hill Holiday Park in Hexham discovered photos and death notices in a caravan they had bought in and issued an appeal to return them with their owner.

Park staff found the pictures and cuttings when preparing it for sale.

Along with the photos were newspaper cuttings with a memorial card and an evening wedding invitation.

Mark Bolton principal funeral director at The Co-operative Funeralcare, in South Shields, saw the memorial card printed in the Gazette and was able to trace who they belonged to after checking his records.

Mr Bolton said:“One of my colleagues showed me the paper and said was there anything we could do. So I looked into it and when I checked the records I saw we had made the funeral arrangements.

“I got the clients details and, when I contacted her she was unaware of the appeal as she lives in Cramlington.

“It’s nice to hear the caravan park and family are now in touch with each other as the photos are something that cannot be replaced.”

The pictures show former West Boldon couple Beatrice and Victor Bannister, and their daughter, Linda Milne, is delighted to have them back.

Mrs Milne recently went to the caravan park in Hexham with her husband Bryan Milne to collect them.

She said: “The pictures and cuttings belong to my cousin Fred Robson, who has always had caravans and lives in Seaburn.

“He would have been devastated to have lost them. I am really delighted to be reunited with them as these are photos that cannot be replaced.”

Linda Grant who co-manages the park, said she found six old photos, one with ‘Uncle Fred Robson aged 21’ written on the back, one with ‘1951 Aunt Charlotte, Linda’ on the back and a large photo with ‘Diamond Wedding 2003’ written on the back.

She said she was delighted to be able to reunite them with the family.
She said: “It’s lovely to have such a good news story, especially at this time of year.”