Fans defend Vera after attack on 'awful' North East accents

Vera fans from the North East have rushed to defend Brenda Blethyn after the detective series took flak on social media for its allegedly "awful" accents.

Detective series Vera filming at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park in South Shields. Picture by Stu Norton
Detective series Vera filming at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park in South Shields. Picture by Stu Norton

However, fans on our Facebook pages were quick to defend Brenda Blethyn's rendition of the North East accent - and support the show against "moaners".

Del Sam said: "You walk across anywhere in the North East and you will rarely find two people who sound the same unless they're all from one family.

"As for the police force, they have men/women from all over the country at any police station so Vera may come from somewhere else in the North East and not Newcastle.

"Failing that its a great, drama TV program with good story lines and good acting if you don't like it, don't watch it""

Marian Allan said: "I love Vera: great stories, excellent locations, authentic weather and who cares about the accents? It airs internationally so they have to tread a middle range in pronunciation so everyone can understand us. Keep it coming Vera."

Sylvia Weetman said: "Brenda is a great actress very talented. I think she is good with the accent it fits the part: she's the English Columbo, and I for one will always watch it. She plays the part of Vera excellently."

Michelle Hudson said Blethyn has improved in her delivery of the accent since she first took on the role, and pointed out it isn't an easy one to learn.

She said: "I think she’s much better this series and anyway accents like ours are notoriously difficult to master! She’s a lovely person, and a national treasure - if people don’t like it, they just need to switch off!"

Gillian Hanson added: "I can't find fault with the accent, I think Vera has conquered the accent excellently."

Others said the cast's accents may be off at times, but people needed to just enjoy the show and worry less about the details.

Julie Taylor said: "You just need to watch Peaky Blinders for poor accents. It’s just a story it’s not real life!"

Kath Johnson said: "Why can't we just enjoy it for what it is? Compared to some of the trite reality rubbish set in Newcastle that depicts young men and women of the North East as "easy", and tars every decent person with the same brush, Vera is a great police drama set in our region which is rich in varying but similar accents.

"If the accent spoils your enjoyment, you do have the option of turning to another channel or switching off."

Agnes George said: "People need to stop whining about trivial things. It's a good drama and shows the beautiful North east countryside and coast off. What's to moan about?"

Carole Smith said: "Use ya imagination if ye could moaners! Maybe Vera just might have been born in the North East, moved away as a youngster, picked up a bit of a dialect from wherever, then returned back to the North East in latter years!

"Two dialects into one. Anyway, no two areas in the North East's dialects are the same: geordie, mackems, sanddancers... Brenda, you’re ace."

Caroline Neill said: "Where was Broadchurch meant to be? All the people who live there complained about the poor accents. I guess it's only when it's near to your own accent that you realise how rubbish they all are."

Sharon Bartram said: "Accents are always weird but I love it and I like trying to identify the locations they have filmed in!"

However, there were still some who weren't so keen to forgive - and even one or two drastic suggestions.

Brian May said: "Her attempted accent gets on me wick. I've only watched a few episodes, but Eastenders is worse for hearing. A few of the the geezers exhaling when tha taaking."

Alice Smith said: "The Geordie accent is disappearing now, so I can't understand why actors are using it.

"In the past, people hardly ventured out of their local area, so accents never changed. It's not like that now. And we do have a lot of good drama groups in North East. They should be using people from them. It might sound more authentic.

Jass Smith said: "They're always awful, there's not many people who can pull it off that aren't from the area. Cringing to watch.

"Get Carter had the right idea, just make almost everybody in Newcastle a cockney so no actor has to attempt the accent."