Fans need to take a stand

We hear so much about how great Newcastle fans are. The reality is Newcastle United fans are as much to blame for the mess our club is in as Ashley, Carr, McClaren etc.

The Toon Army needs to stop wallowing in some utopian idea that they are loyal fans (I recall going when there were 12,000 of us) as well as believing that the club belong to us – idiots.

Newcastle United Football Club belongs 100% to the billionaire Mike Ashley.

You had a chance to get rid of this man and his regime but failed to take it when a strike was called last season.

Imagine 20,000 fans walking out – that would have had repercussions throughout the world and on his business empire.

He would have exited. That’s people power not mealy mouth support of “out” club that takes your money and mocks your loyalty.

You still have a chance. Delay going in for 10 minutes on April 16 (we’ll be relegated by then) when we play Swansea, so they start the game with an empty stadium. Ten minutes, that’s all it would take, but the so-called “loyal” Toon fans won’t do that because it’s “their” club. Your sheep-like blind faith is actually helping to kill this club.

Look at discussion boards, listen to what other fans think of us. We are the “nice but dim” of the football world. I stand back in amazement as Newcastle fans talk about “names” they want as our new manager, and who we should sign. Completely and utterly delusional. We, the club and the fans are a laughing stock.

Open your minds. No manager of any worth will come to a “yes man” at this club. And look at the dross we’ve signed in the past six months. Even if we survive this season we’ll still have this shower running the club,

Do what needs to be done and strike for 10 minutes on April 16.

Lifelong Toon fan,

ex-season ticket holder and first match attendee in 1965,

South Shields