Far riskier to stay in the EU

Those who wish us to remain in the EU are fond of pretending we would be voting for things to remain the way they are now. In this they are simply deluded.

If we make the huge error of voting in on June 23 we will see much change, in particular our laws, personal freedoms, sterling, even democracy will vanish.

Before anyone accuses me of ‘scaremongering’ the evidence is all around like an unmade jigsaw puzzle. All you need to do is put the pieces together to get the full picture.

On May 7 President Juncker said some leaders “are listening to the wishes of their people rather than the vested interests of the Brussels elite”. In plain English, democracy is not wanted in the EU.

EU document PE569.777v02-00 tells us “the euro is the currency of the Union according to Treaties”. Translation, vote in and lose sterling. The same document also tells us that a new European Finance Minister will control all financial matters in the EU. The UK government will lose ultimate control of our finances.

I have mentioned this document before and been told, correctly, that it is a ‘discussion document’, but it does show what way ‘Brussels’ is thinking

On May 14 it was reported that an EU Prosecutor will be appointed to begin on January 1, 2017. Under that arrangement personal liberties and safeguards we have known for 1,000 years will vanish.

The concept of “innocent until proven guilty” will go, as will the old “Habeas Corpus” (produce the evidence) meaning that an EU judge, on the flimsiest of evidence but an EU Arrest Warrant, can have anyone arrested and held without formal charges. In other words, we British will hand over controls of our legal system to Brussels.

The EU budget announcement will, unusually, be held back until July, after the UK referendum result.


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Why? What will it contain that we should be told about prior to voting?

We will lose all control of our armed services to the so-called European Defence Force. 

What the “in-siders” are also not admitting is that it is not only us wanting a referendum; Greece, now France are demanding one, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and others are beginning to think about leaving the EU too.

We now find the EU is beginning to fall apart and turning its back on all pretence of freedom and democracy.


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That is what ‘voting in’ really means. On balance voting ‘in’ is far riskier than leaving on our terms.

Trevor Walker