Few dictating to majority

Despite their considerable concern about Nissan's continued success worldwide and fear mongering from all sides, a brave but principled Sunderland public voted for Brexit.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 9:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:13 pm

The UK Government convinced Nissan that Britain would make a success of Brexit and they decided not only to maintain their commitment on Wearside but to expand it.

In any other context it would be a wonderful beginning to an epic tale heading towards a glorious conclusion.

Not in this world of party politics and self interest, where greed and corruption seem to be endemic among the rich and famous, where deluded individuals of money and position attempt to convince the public that they are too stupid to decide their own future.

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Enter Ms Gina Miller, a hedge fund manager worth £100million no doubt. She persuaded three High Court judges that the referendum was not final and that it would be unlawful to activate Brexit by Royal Prerogative.

Two of the judges on the panel being confirmed Europhiles led to what, I believe, to be judgement biased by personal opinion.

Ms Miller argued that a mere referendum and the Royal Prerogative cannot legally remove us from the EU and that Parliament must decide on the detail.

She accused the PM of being a tin pot dictator by seeking to enact the result of the referendum by using the a Royal Prerogative.

Hello! It’s the same Royal Prerogative which took us into the EU and committed us to all the laws, diktats and life changing events and liabilities, none of which had the benefit of Parliamentary process.

In a nutshell we have an extremely wealthy person attempting to play the democratic card by claiming it is against the public interest to accept their own referendum result, ruled on by three people so remote that they probably view democracy the way my cocker spaniel Leah looks at our local lamppost.

I am incredibly frustrated that the ultimate expression of democracy supported by millions can be rubbished by so few. Disgusted.

Denis Gillon