Find out how this South Shields man achieved a Guinness World Record

Motorbiker Kane Avellano.
Motorbiker Kane Avellano.

A South Shields man has achieved a Guinness World Record after becoming the youngest person to ride around the globe by motorcycle.

Kane Avellano was just 23 years old when he completed his journey, finishing off at South Shields Town Hall on January 19.

A Guinness World Record spokesman confirmed Kane was the record holder for the youngest person to circumnavigate by motorcycle.

Kane travelled over 32,000 miles, through over 35 different countries and across six continents, in under eight months on his Triumph Bonneville.

As part of the adventure, he raised funds for UNICEF, the world’s leading charity organisation working for children in danger.

During his challenge Kane faced many dangerous situations, including torrential monsoons in India, blistering desert rides in Australia, powerful storms in South America and freezing weather in Europe.

His name will appear in the latest version of the Guinness World Records, released at the end of this month.

Kane said: “Every moment has been worth it.

“I faced each challenge with excitement, not knowing how I would overcome it or who would help me!”