Firm gets fundraising for battling Bradley Lowery

A South Tyneside-based contact centre is raising money for Bradley Lowery, whose cancer fight has touched the heart of thousands.

Brave Bradley Lowery with Sunderland star Jermain Defoe
Brave Bradley Lowery with Sunderland star Jermain Defoe

EC Outsourcing, in Boldon, is holding a fundraising day today to raise money for the ahead of his sixth birthday later this month.

The company has agreed to raffle paid holidays off work, time off the phones for their agents, a well as free lunches.

Managing director, Phil Westoby, said: “As a company we’re always keen to get involved with charitable causes, and Bradley’s Fight has touched so many people

“Our staff thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a fundraising day to him for his birthday. We hope that by offering up extra holidays and other attractive prizes, that we can raise both money and awareness for Bradley.”

The event is being held at the company’s headquarters in Boldon Business park all day.

The money raised from the day will be donated to Bradley, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of 18 months before battling for two years before going into remission.

Sadly the condition returned in July 2016 and since then the region has banded together to raise as much money as they can to allow him and his family to fight against it.

Kyla Trott, customer service advisor at EC, who came up with the idea to hold the day said: “There’s always been a real sense of community in Sunderland and, especially in circumstances like this, the whole city always comes together to support each other in times of need.

“We hope that by holding this day that we can raise even more awareness for Bradley and also the disease itself, neuroblastoma.”

For more information on Bradley’s Fight visit

*The family of Bradley Lowery have thanked Sunderland AFC striker Jermain Defoe for being such a good friend to the little fighter as he takes on the last home game of the season.

The friendship between the five-year-old cancer battler and club’s star player has melted the hearts of the world.

But now as the team gets set to take on the last home match following relegation, fans could be saying a sad goodbye to Defoe if decides to moves on.

Bradley’s mum Gemma said: “Bradley loves Jermain and the bond between them is special. We will never forget how he has helped cheer Bradley up and put a smile on his face when nothing else could.

“The same goes for Sunderland football club.

“Jermain is a genuine friend of the family and their friendship can still grow even if he leaves.”