First World War German submarine torpedo safely detonated off coast

A First World War torpedo discovered after spending 99 years on a sunken German submarine on a seabed off the Sunderland coast has been safely destroyed in a controlled explosion.

The submarine was sunk with the loss of all but three hands in 1917 while laying mines off the Sunderland coast.

HMS Blyth

HMS Blyth

The wreck has been monitored for decades, but in a recent sweep, the HMS Blyth Royal Navy minehunter ship discovered a torpedo tube had been exposed as the vessel broke down.

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An operation to safely detonate the device began at 9am this morning, and has now been reported a success.

HMS Blyth’s Commanding Officer Lt Cdr Peter Higgins AFC said: "I am proud to see the wealth of experience and training possessed by my Crew put to use to keep Britain’s coastal waters safe for all who use the seas."

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