Five ways to deal with unwanted callers at your door - could apples pies be the answer?

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When leaving home there’s plenty of new experiences to be had.

But one that you’re never been prepared for by your parents is how to deal with the amount of pests that knock on the front door.

Here’s the top five annoying callers which can ring your doorbell - and tips on how to shoo them for good.

1. The Cosmetics Lady

Problem: They take it upon themselves to stick a brochure through the door, and then grumble when they call a week later and you can’t find it (you’ve probably binned it).

Solution: Go on a rant about how beauty should be natural, and continue to hide brochures (they will soon give up).

Doorstep callers.

Doorstep callers.

2. The Charitable Collector

Problem: They call usually just as you’re about to sit down for tea. They then give a sob story about poor pandas or snow leopards.

Solution: Sympathise, then tell them you’re skint while pointing to your own pet, which you must inform them is malnourished.

3. Religious Types



Problem: They call just as you’re about to go in the bath to spread the word of their (insert religious leader here).

Solution: Accept their leaflets, then bake them an apple pie for their following week’s return. My mother did this (spurred on by a bumper crop of apples from the tree in her back garden) and they haven’t been back since.

4. Politicians

Problem: In he run up to an election they’re on the doorstep more frequently then your hungry mates.

Carol singers.

Carol singers.

Solution: Work out which political party they are and tell them their rival is your hero. Leave a handy stash of posters of all political leaders by the door – so you can pick the relevant one.

5. Carol Singers

Problem: You have to spend an awkward three minutes smiling at a group of kids singing terribly. It’s the longest three minutes of your life.

Solution: In the run up to Christmas, turn the lights out and hide. Keep hiding until mid-January.