Former Avon lady’s anguish after home trashed by ex-lover

Kirsty Watson
Kirsty Watson

An Avon lady whose home was trashed by her lover after their affair was revealed says she feels ‘totally let down’.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Kevin Skelton, 37, broke into the home of Kirsty Watson, 41, after details of their fling were exposed to his mother and wife in messages sent by Kirsty which contained photographs of them together.

However, Kirsty insists she was never aware that Skelton was married – and that a photo message she sent to Skelton’s mother was “an accident”, and was meant for him.

Skelton, who the court heard had ended the affair with Kirsty by text on Christmas Day 2016, pleaded guilty to burglary and Judge Robert Spragg sentenced him to a community order for 18 months with rehabilitation requirements and £780 compensation.

The court heard how Skelton caused over £700 worth of damage at Kirsty’s Jarrow home during an “explosion” of anger when she was not there.

Speaking after the case, Kirsty said: “It was ridiculous.

“People break up all the time, but don’t go on like that.

“He had no right breaking into my house and smashing things up like he did.

“I’ve lived a lifetime of being treated like rubbish by men.

“I was just sorting myself out when this happened.

“We met through Facebook.

“I was advertising for my friend for Avon.

“His mam used to do the Avon and he asked me if he could ask some questions.

“He started phoning me and asking if we could meet up, and it went from there.

“I asked if he was seeing someone and he said he was living with someone, but they weren’t together in that way any more.”

Kirsty claims she received a text from Skelton asking for a picture of them together – but said she “accidentally” sent the image to his mother, who she was texting at the same time about an Avon matter.

Talking about the message she sent to Skelton’s mum, Kirsty added: “She asked what was going on and I said we’d been seeing each other for a couple of months.

“He went off it, because he hadn’t told his mam. Then it all kicked off.

“It was an accident. I was meaning to send it to him.”

She said: “I wouldn’t have got with him if I knew he was with someone, because it has happened to me numerous times in the past.

“He had treated me so well and I was very happy with him.

“People break up all the time, but you don’t expect them to break into your house.

“He smashed my 55-inch TV, pulled another TV off the wall, smashed my coffee table and destroyed so much.

“I broke down crying when I saw the damage that had been done.

“Everything was just a huge mess.”

Kirsty told the Gazette that she had needed counselling as a result of some “disastrous relationships” in the past.

She said: “With everything he has done, I’ve had to have my medication upped.

“He was the first person I’d been with for months. I have trust issues.

“I feel totally let down again.”

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