Former Hebburn shipyard could provide homes with river views

How the new development might look
How the new development might look

Rooms with a view of the Tyne could be constructed at a former shipyard built by the Victorians in South Tyneside.

Developers want to construct nine riverside homes with gardens on the third of a hectare site, to the west of Prince Consort Road, Hebburn.

The terraced properties would form the new River View Park development, being proposed by Teesside-based Elstone Engineering.

Records show the land belonged to Huntley’s Shipbuilding Company, which launched its first vessel in 1893.

In 1919, ship-owner Sir John Crass and his Newcastle Shipbuilding Co Ltd moved in to take advantage of a post-war industrial boom but within two years the yard closed due to a rapid slump in the shipping industry.

Until around 2002, the site was occupied by light engineering works firm A&B Cranes, but by 2008 all buildings had been demolished.

Laying vacant until 2015, it now contains several metal containers and is used for vehicle storage.

Engineering, says development would constitute a ‘windfall’ as the site has not previously been considered for housing.

A report to South Tyneside Council on its behalf, states: “The applicant contends that the principle of residential development on the site is consistent with the development plan and all other material considerations.

“The development is accessible by both public and private modes of transport and is considered sustainable.”

It adds: “The loss of this site would not be detrimental to the employment land supply and will generate construction jobs.

“The regeneration of this site could also significantly benefit wildlife with a less intensive use of the site; presently, the site hosts poor conditions for wildlife.”

Elstone Engineering’s application was submitted last week and public comments are invited until Friday, October 20.