Fox survives getting head stuck in garden fence in South Shields

A fox got stuck in a garden fence in South Shields.
A fox got stuck in a garden fence in South Shields.

A young fox had a lucky escape after getting his head stuck in a garden fence.

A neighbour spotted the fox stuck in the fencing outside a house in Sunniside Drive in South Shields and called the RSPCA for help on Sunday.

RSPCA animal collection officer Bryan Moffitt attended the property and was initially concerned that the wild animal was dead, as he appeared to be very still.

After carefully lifting the fox out of the fence panels, Mr Moffitt placed him in a crate to observe him, but within minutes it was clear he had suffered no injury.

Mr Moffitt said: “He was very quiet for a couple of minutes, but it seemed he ‘came around’ all of a sudden and sprung to life. I could see he had no injuries - no cuts or bruises - and so I drove him to a nearby field and released him.”

He added: “He ran off so quickly, I didn’t even have time to take a photo of his release. He was obviously keen to get back home after his ordeal!”