Full results for the South Tyneside Council elections 2018

Here are the full results for each ward in the South Tyneside Council elections 2018

Friday, 4th May 2018, 3:27 am
Updated Friday, 4th May 2018, 4:06 am
The election count at Temple Park Leisure Centre

Beacon and Bents

The election count at Temple Park Leisure Centre

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Angela Ramsay Hamilton (Lab) 1,235

David Roger Francis (Green) 960

Ali Hayder (Con) 261


Stephen Dean (Lab) 951

Tony Gair (Green) 82

Gerard Anthony Leake (Con) 158

Keith Roberts (Ind) 599

Biddick Hall and All Saints

Olive Punchion (Lab) 1,100

David Herbert (Green) 241

Oliver Raymond Raife Wallhead (Con) 249

Boldon Colliery

Alison Strike (Lab) 1,499

Ian Armstrong (Con) 575

Colin Robert Tosh (Green) 259

Cleadon and East Boldon

Jeff Milburn (Con) 1,601

Margaret Mary Meling (Lab) 1,330

Sarah Jean McKeown (Green) 365 Cleadon Park

Jim Foreman (Lab) 959

Angela Curtis (Green) 212

Sam Prior (Con) 646

Fellgate and Hedworth

Geraldine Margaret Teresa Kilgour (Lab) 1,365

Malcolm Giles (Green) 61

David Albert Morris (Con) 140

John Andrew Robertson (Ind) 460

David Wilkinson (Lib Dem) 325


Neil Maxwell (Lab) 1,137 Rhiannon Siân Curtis (Green) 269

Holly May Wright (Con) 775

Hebburn North

Richie Porthouse (Lab) 1,430

Steve Richards (Green) 259

Keith Campbell Sumby (Con) 273

Hebburn South

Nancy Elizabeth Maxwell (Lab) 1,527

Matthew Giles (Green) 316

Fiona Anne Milburn (Con) 371 Horsley Hill

Eileen Leask (Lab) 1,393

Philip Bates (Ind) 255

Jack Ford (Green) 247

Marilyn Huartt (Con) 608 Monkton

Jim Sewell (Lab) 1,369

Vanessa Green (Con) 358

Matthew George McKenna (Green) 279Primrose

Moira Smith (Lab) 1,122

Lesley Kay Hanson (Green) 229

Jonathan William Lunness (Con)325

Simonside and Rekendyke

Lynne Ann Proudlock (Lab) 1,276

Peter James Bristow (Green) 256

David Gamblin (Con) 341West Park

Norman Stephen Dick (Lab) 795

Robert Henry Atkinson (Ind) 171

Thomas Alexander Mower (Green) 168

Anthony Kevin Sayer (Lib Dem) 207

John Philip Stanton (Con) 424


Allan West (Lab) 888

Michael Anthony Hailey (Lib Dem) 355

Nicola Pauline Usher (Green) 246

Jack Oliver White (Con) 670

Whitburn and Marsden

Peter Boyack (Lab) 1,059

Colette Louise Hume (Green) 381

Adam Lou Stewart (Con) 649


Bill Brady (Lab) 1,307

Ryan Stuart Bell (Green) 284

Colin Peter Lemon (Con) 327