Full steam ahead at Harton School

It was a case of full steam ahead when we featured, in Time Of Our Lives and on Facebook, a photo of Harton Comprehensive School pupils pulling a steamroller.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th January 2017, 8:14 am
Updated Monday, 30th January 2017, 8:16 am
One of the much-talked about steamroller pulling events at Harton Comprehensive School.
One of the much-talked about steamroller pulling events at Harton Comprehensive School.

For you were quick to take to social media to explain the significance of the monster roller at the school.

David Robson got in touch to say: “Nice article regarding Harton School.

“The steamroller was a sponsored event to raise funds for various sports programmes, as I recall.

“Despite the clothes and hairstyles that was in 1991 or 1992?

“It was organised by PE teacher Derrick Bohill.

“Each school year was assigned a captain and they had to form a team to pull the roller up the school drive.

“The number of team members decreased for each year age group, so, for example, Year 7 had the most and Year 11 the least.

“All team members had to get sponsorship to be part of the team.

“I was picked as captain of the Year 7 team. I think a lot of the school team captains were.

“Thanks for the blast from the past.”

Other readers took to Facebook to comment about the photo.

Alison Bell Stafford explained: “We were pulling a steamroller down St Mary’s Avnue to raise funds to buy a school bus, I think. Tracey Buddy think I spotted you in the pic near the back and the lovely late Jade Wiley.”

David Robson, in conversation with Penny Loveridge and Julie Robson posted: “Pretty sure you are in the roller pull pictures Jules” while Ashley Yorston asked Kyle Yorston: “Is this you?”

Andrew Potts went on Facebook to say: “Old school legends” while Julie Moody asked Susan Tighe: “Have you seen this with your dad on?”

Alan Smith also had a question, he asked: “Whatever happened to all the school football photos that used to appear in the Green Final back in the sixties.I wonder if they’re still on record somewhere.”

l (Will start posting some on Facebook in the coming weeks – Peter French)

Neil Winter urged David Robson to check out the rugby picture while Linda McCaffery contacted Michelle Abbs to say: “Have you seen us in the black and white photo? Hilarious!”

Lynsey Mason wondered if “anyone else feels old looking at this?” while Sharon Allison said: “Spotted Richard Ali and then couldn’t remember the rest of the names. I feel old. xx

Michaela Jane Staines asked Shelley Ann Armstrong: “Would this have been the year you were in Year 7?”

Meanwhile, a photo, posted on Facebook, provided by former Shields lad David Rose of a panto and Christmas party arranged for the families of those who worked for the Shields Gazette in years gone by, also attracted a number of online comments.

David wrote: “The shows, which were generally held in St Aidan’s Hall, would be the seasonal pantomime, and I remember seeing Aladdin. They were rioutous times with all of the usual elements of ‘He’s behind you’ and ‘Oh no he isn’t’, sweet throwing etc.

Kathleen Watson posted: “Think this is a Xmas party for children of Gazette employees, I’m in the photo with my brothers and sister” while David Proctor, agreed, saying: “Yes, employees Christmas party always held on Boxing Day afternoon in the Brownsea Hall, in Imeary Street! My guess this is about 1957ish?”

Maureen Bulman went online to say: “Aww I’m in this pic with my dad,” while Dot Tooley posted: “Great big bow in my hair.”

Another Facebook picture, showing Video World prompted Andrew Snaith to comment: “I miss Blockbusters.”

Jill Carr recalls that “taking the videos back to the shop was a pain especially when you lived miles away.”

David Givens remembers Vision Videos, in Boldon Lane.

Please get in touch with your memories and requests of photos from the past.