Funds pour in for Boldon dad’s pioneering MS treatment

MS patient Paul George.
MS patient Paul George.

A South Tyneside dad campaigning for pioneering multiple sclerosis treatment abroad says he is ‘overwhelmed’ after funds top £13,000.

Paul George, 40, was diagnosed with relapse and remitting MS 10 years ago and has watched his life change as symptoms progressed.

Last year he launched a bid to raise £40,000 for pioneering Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) abroad and now he says that fund has reached around £13,000.

Paul is delighted to reach the sum after the latest fundraising event was held in South Shields to boost his cause.

“We held a fundraising event at the Simonside Club last weekend which raised £2,700,” he said.
“The room was packed - we had 300 people there - it was absolutely outstanding.
“Band The Shakes were superb and I was blown away by the generosity of people.

“Just seeing 300 people in a room for me was really overwhelming.”

Mr George, a former construction worker, from Wilton Gardens, Boldon, was just 30 when he noticed his sight had become blurred while he was driving to work and was rushed to hospital.

He was eventually told by doctors that he had MS.

He says the pioneering treatment he hopes to get is available in places such as Russia and Poland.
It offers the possibility of slowing, if not stopping, the progression of his MS.

He added: “The room was donated free by the club and the band played for beer money, which was so kind.”

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