The games you played when you were younger

When we featured a photo of little ones playing out with their mams in a street in South Shields, to illustrate a Facebook question asking you to name your favourite games, you were certainly quick 'off the block' to come up with your suggestions.

Mams and little ones in Byethorne Street, South Shields. Why the dustbin barricade?
Mams and little ones in Byethorne Street, South Shields. Why the dustbin barricade?

Nigel Martin took to social media to say: “British bulldog probably, would get arrested playing it these days.”

Mary Lewis suggested: “Footie, two ball dibs, skipping, hop scotch, to name just a few, loved playing out and never wanted to be indoors.”

Blayne O’Brien said: “Blocka, spot, tig endless I would be surprised if kids had any these days. Too much sitting on computers!”

Michelle Havelock came up with: “Cannon, knockie nine doors, British bulldog, kerbsie, muggles, rounders and hide and seek” while Sean Hedley reminded us of “Tarantula chase with Andy (lol, do you remember, he ran for miles out of your mam’s Nigel Martin?)”

Jacqui Whitelaw recalls playing: “Two-baller and top and whip, happy days just playing in the street with other kids.”

Vikki Barlow was also a lover of kerbie while David Heath favoured kick the can.

Lilian Cottenham took to Facebook to say: “Hopscotch, another name for it being bays” while Victoria Smith asked “Wonder which back lane this is? (it was actually Byethorne Street, in South Shields).

Helen Banks simply posted the word “tinny” while George Lawson went for: “Footie, knocky nine doors and cricket.”


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Sheila Lawson remembers playing: “Chuck’s hit the can tennis” while Gill Gibson cast her mind back to “Marbles on the drains!”

Ashleigh Garside was another who posted “Nocky nine doors” as did Doreen Robinson who said: “Bays, hopscotch, knockie nine doors, skips, guesses and tag.”

Michelle Whale went on social media to tell us about “Lamp to Lamp, great game” while Audrey Stidolph Heaton stated: “Hop scotch and American skippys, also double Dutch.”

What were your favourite street games?


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The photo above, taken in July 1967, shows Mrs M Brownsword, Mrs G Clarke, Mrs Doreen Gray and Mrs Lilian Turner “keeping their eye on the dust bin barricade in the back lane at Byethorne Street”.

Why was that? What was going on? Who were they trying to keep out of the street?

Meanwhile, lots of readers also took to Facebook when we asked you to tell us about your favourite school trip.

Marion Robinson goes back to “fourth year juniors, Cleadon Park. A week in Newlands youth hostel, in the Lakes.” while Blayne O’Brien recalls: “Going to Hawkhurst when in the juniors at Mortimer. Loads of outdoor activities, even though I was terrified doing the abseiling!”


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Linzi Fielding (was Kirkcaldy) posted: “Wow.....a blast from the past! A trip to London for a mime competition with some hearing impaired friends x”

Elaine Hodgson said: “Simonside JMI School in Jarrow, off to London for a competition” while Paula Sweeney enthused: “That’s me!”

Another Facebook picture, recalling the day that pop chart-toppers Bros played a concert in South Shields, also prompted you to take to social media to post your comments.

Charlotte Orr/Glynys Wright said: “I still remember this! Can Kirsti Wright and David Hebson, we had matching shell suits.”


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David Hebson revealed: “I’m sure there’s pics of us standing on the window of someone’s house in the street” while Mandy Kirton asked Paul Kirton “weren’t you there?”

Someone who was at the concert at the Arbeia Roman Fort, in Shields, in 1988, was Debra Hewitt who described the show as “shamazing!”

Clare Thompson went online to say: “Yeah, at the Roman fort, I went xx” while Michelle McGowan added: “Yep I was there was, amazing day.”