Gary set for Tall Ships place

Gary Thoburn is ready to set sale.

Gary, 48, has scooped a place in this year's Tall Ships race thanks to the Fans Museum.

Gary Thoburn

Gary Thoburn

Museum founder Michael Ganley teamed up with lifelong friend Tim Finley, who owns TF Shipping Ltd, at Boldon Business Park, to offer one lucky winner a place on board one of the ships on the first leg of the race from Sunderland to Esbjerg in Denmark

Sunderland's leading post-war goalscorer Kevin Phillips announced the name of original winner Gary Dunmore in a video posted-on-line last month.

But personal circumstances mean Gary is unable to take up his place and so his namesake, from South Shields, will be taking part instead.

He dropped by the museum to film an announcement video and pose for pictures.

"I'm delighted Gary has been able to step in and take up the place," said Michael.

"And thank you to Joe Kemetmuller, owner of Tall Image production, for the video."