Gas blast threat man jailed for breaking partner's jaw twice

Mark Guy
Mark Guy

A violent boyfriend who previously sparked a gas blast emergency has been jailed for fracturing his partner's jaw twice in less than two months has been put behind bars.

The woman needed a metal plate fitted into her face after a brutal blow by Mark Guy during an attack at her home on October 7 last year.

Just weeks later, on November 22 the 32-year-old launched a second, sickening attack, which moved the metal medical fixture and broke the other side of the victim's jawbone.

At the time of the attacks, Guy was out on licence after causing a "potential bomb" at his block of flats in South Shields when he cut a gas pipe and caused 28 neighbours to be evacuated.

He caused the deadly and explosive leak because he believed he was wanted on a murder charge after leaving a man in a coma in a violent attack two days before.

Guy, of Bumburgh Close, Washington, admitted assault charges in relation to the recent attacks.

Judge Penny Moreland jailed him for four years at Newcastle Crown Court and

said: "You punched her, she said, as if she was a man.

"You dislodged the metal plate put into the jaw you had already fractured and fractured the other side of her jaw.

"She was particularly vulnerable because of the original injury and you knew that but nevertheless you assaulted her."

Guy received a six year sentence for the violence and the potential explosion at a court hearing in February 2013.

He had been released to live at a hostel when he formed the relationship with the woman he went on to attack last year.

The woman was subjected to the violence at her home, after Guy had been drinking both times.

After the attacks Guy had warned her not to tell anyone about his brutal behaviour.

Judge Moreland said Guy's four year prison term would be followed by a one year extended licence period.

The judge added: "There is a risk, for the foreseeable future, you will cause harm to others."

Guy must stay away from the woman and the area she lives in for the next ten years.

Andrew Walker, defending, said Guy had used no weapons during the attacks and would abide by the order to leave his victim alone.