Gas leak is blamed for delay

DELAY ... Tom Dellin with his unfinished kitchen of his Lukes Lane home.
DELAY ... Tom Dellin with his unfinished kitchen of his Lukes Lane home.

A FAMILY claim they are suffering health problems because of delays to renovation work at their South Tyneside home.

Thomas and Gemma Dellin, and their children, Jasmine, seven, Matthew, nine, and 11-year-old Joshua, have been living in temporary accommodation for several weeks while their home in Rhyl Parade, on the Lukes Lane Estate, Hebburn, is refurbished as part of the borough-wide Decent Homes programme.

But the family say they have been unable to move back home this week as planned because so much work is still outstanding at the property.

In the meantime, Mr Dellin says his wife has been taking anti-depressant tablets because of stress, while he has suffered problems with the skin condition, eczema.

Mr Dellin, 32, who works as a chef, said: “The work started on April 9 and was scheduled for 15 days, so we were decanted to Brighton Parade, on the Lukes Lane Estate.

“Taking into account bank holidays and weekends, we should have moved back home on or around April 27, but that’s long gone.

“We are supposed to be having a new kitchen, bathroom and heating system fitted as part of Decent Homes, but when I looked at our home this week, there was loads of work still to be done.

“There is no way we can move back in as it is.

“My eczema is playing up because of the stress of being out of our home and my wife has been on anti-depressants.

Plus, our children are very unsettled with being out of our home and we are paying gas and electricity on a second property.”

Mr Dellin has heard that issues with a contractor on the Decent Homes programme has caused delays to work on the Hebburn estate.

“I’m sure we’re not the only family being affected by these delays. I’ve had to take time off work with the delays and have lost wages because of this,” Mr Dellin added.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Homes said: “Decent Homes improvements are usually estimated to take around 15 working days to complete, however, this is only provided as a guide for tenants.

“In this case, the project was unfortunately delayed due to a gas leak, which has since been repaired.

“We are now working to complete all outstanding issues, so that the tenants can return to their home as soon as possible.”

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