Gazette readers back Trump state visit invite

President Donald Trump,
President Donald Trump,

Controversial American President Donald Trump should be invited to the UK for a full state visit according to the results of a Gazette poll.

Hundreds of readers took part in the vote on our website with almost three quarters of people voted in favour of President Trump being invited to a full state visit with The Queen later this year.

Seventy two per cent of people who responded said the invitation should stand.

Prime Minister Theresa May has faced claims she has put the monarch in a difficult position by inviting President Trump so early in his term and amid wide-scale protests.

MPs are due to hold a debate on February 20 after 1.6 million people backed a petition calling for the downgrading of the state visit to Britain.

As well as voting, Gazette readers have been having their say on the issiue on our Facebook pace.

CaptainCharisma wrote: “Regardless of peoples opinions about Donald Trump, the UK needs to establish lasting trade relationships with the US in the wake of the ‘Brexit’ Vote.

“So yes there should be a full state visit for Donald Trump with all the trimmings.

“In business, personal feelings are sometimes set aside for the greater good. This should be no different.”

A ‘Concerned tax payer’ added: “I hope Mr Trump is given a full state visit. The thought of all those silly lefties frothing at the mouth with indignation amuses me.”

Geordie52 said: “Your poll massively in favour of President Trum.

“The minority of protesters will not like it - probably organise protests against it “

“Looking forward to seeing you here Donald.”

JD Mac added: “Hope that Ken Clarke is in good voice for the Trump visit debate in Parliament. He was on great form yesterday. Sovereignty restored to Parliament, well done to Gina Miller for emphasising the role of parliamentary democracy and debate, rather than “populists” trumping their unpleasant odours and opinions unchallengde.”