Gazette readers have their say on motorbike track plan

Dean Hart is wanting to open a motocross practice track in South Tyneside
Dean Hart is wanting to open a motocross practice track in South Tyneside

A plan to put the brakes on illegal young bikers by building a dedicated track in South Tyneside, has ignited anything but a neutral response from Gazette readers.

Dozens have inundated our Facebook social media page to warn of the dangers of blocking – or progressing - the scheme.

The debate was sparked by motorcross rider Dean Hart who hopes a purpose-build track can be created at Temple Memorial Park, in South Shields, to deter young riders using the streets and open spaces.

Police, who have admitted there are serious issues with on-road illegal riding, and council chiefs, say they are willing to meet him to discover if his proposal has merit.

Now Gazette readers, including many people who live close to the likely circuit at Whiteleas, have responded with their hopes and fears.

Julez Rutter condemned the plan, saying: “It’s a bad idea because at the end of the day it’s the people that live in the nearby estates that are going to get all the noise.

“I just hope there’s a public consultation because I for one won’t be backing it. A registered place for it isn’t going to solve the problem.”

Gary Gibson supported her stance, insisting: “If you think they’ll trailer their bikes to the track, then you’re deluded. They’ll just ride the same way to and from the track.”

But Sebastian Ryan-Munden backed the scheme, saying: “It’s a good idea if it stops unlicensed bikes from blasting around the streets where kids and pedestrians are at risk.

Angela Heslop said: “I live very close to Temple Park fields and back this 100%.

“As for the noise, we hear the footballers shouting and cheering, dogs barking, remote control plane engines, cars, buses, bin wagons, birds tweeting.“