Gloomy forecast for Bank Holiday weekend in the North East


After a week that's seen sleet, snow, showers, chilly temperatures and some sunny spells, there's slightly better news for the Bank Holiday weekend - but not much.

As workers and school pupils clock off for a three-day weekend, the evening is forecast to remain dry - though with light winds, cold temperatures and the potential for frost. The Met Office says thermometers could drop to as low as one degree overnight.

Saturday will be another mostly dry day with sunny spells, feeling warmer - but the chance of the odd shower, mainly near the coast. The Met Office said winds will "freshen during the day" and temperatures will reach a maximum of 14 °C.

Sunday is expected to be bright and breezy, but with a chance of rain later. Monday will be a rather cloudy day with some rain for part of the day, though with the winds easing off.

Early forecasts for us all returning to work on Tuesday are for the weather to stay mostly dry with sunny spells.