Good Fry-day for South Tyneside’s chip shops

Good Friday queue's outside Colman's fish & chip shop, Ocean Road, South Shields
Good Friday queue's outside Colman's fish & chip shop, Ocean Road, South Shields

Fish and chip shops hooked in customers across South Tyneside as people people headed out for their traditional Good Friday dish.

Colman’s in Ocean Road was one of a number of fish shops that was hit with the Good Friday rush of customers.

People stood for around 20 minutes waiting for a spot in their restaurant while directly opposite a queue of customers formed for the takeaway side of the business.

Owner Richard Ord said: “The trade on Good Friday just goes from strength to strength and the Good Friday feeling in South Shields is tremendous.

“It is such a great day and it’s a great family day out to come down to the seafront for fish and chips.

“We have done this for a number of years now, so we know what to expect in terms of trade, but it still continues to amaze us at the turnout and how long people are willing to queue.

“We always try to do our best to keep waiting times to a minimum, but the loyalty of our customers is second to none.

“Preparations for Good Friday start long before the actual day. We have staffon various shifts from 7am and it will be 9pm before we will finish after doing the cleaning and preping for the following day which will also be busy.”

Laura Nickles, from Teesside, stood for 15 minutes with her family waiting for their turn to taste the Colman’s experience.

She said: “It didn’t feel like we have been standing for too long, it’s just nice for a tradition like this to keep going.”

Elsewhere in the borough there were similar queues outside fish and chip shops.

At Green Lane fisheries a line backed up past the row of shops as people waited to be served.

The tradition of eating fish on Good Friday goes back to the ninth century and the Roman Catholics.

As an acknowledgment and to do penance for the death of Jesus they do not eat warm-blooded animals on Fridays.

Tradition led to it becoming a rule for Good Fridays with fish becoming the common meal of choice.