Google Doodle: Five things you didn't know about mathematician George Boole

George Boole's Google Doodle.
George Boole's Google Doodle.

The mathematician is honoured in today's Google Doodle - but do you know anything about him?

Boole would be celebrating his 200th birthday today, so we've unearthed some facts about the British mathematician who is credited with laying the foundations for the computer age.

If you've visited Google today you will have seen an equation forming the search engine's doodle. The Lincolnshire-born academic, who died in 1864, worked with equations and logic. He wrote The Laws of Thought, which discusses Boolean algebra and logic.

Check out our facts about the man himself.

He became a teacher at 16 - but had no formal education

At the tender age of 16, George Boole became the breadwinner for his parents and siblings by teaching classes at Heigham's School, Doncaster.

Boole formed his own school

At 19, he formed his own school in Lincoln before taking over Hall's Academy, Waddington, four years later. Then in 1840, he moved back to Lincoln and ran a boarding school.

He and his wife, Mary, had five daughters

Boole married Mary Everest in 1855, and had five daughters. They were named Mary Lucy Margaret, Margaret, Alicia, Lucy Everest and Ethel Lilian.

He died after walking miles in the rain, and then lecturing in his wet clothes

The mathematician died on December 8, 1864. That year, he walked miles in the pouring rain and conducted a lecture, at Queen's College, Cork, in his wet clothes. He later fell ill with a severe cold and high fever.

He is buried in County Cork - and there is a commemorative plaque at the church

Boole was laid to rest in the Church of Ireland cemetery of St Michael's, Church Road, Blackrock. There is a commemorative plaque inside the adjoining church.