Halloween is almost here - send us your Spooky Snaps

Gracie-Mae Bell, aged four, as a vampire.
Gracie-Mae Bell, aged four, as a vampire.

Halloween is almost upon us - and that means it's Spooky Snaps time!

Have you carved the perfect pumpkin for the spookiest night of the year?

Or are you having an fancy dress party to mark the occasion?

Halloween is this weekend, and we want your photos of your kids - and the grown-ups - in their scariest costumes.

Send us your snaps using the UGC tool below, by email to copydesk@northeast-press.co.uk, or via our Facebook or Twitter accounts, and we’ll share them all with our readers, both in the paper and online.

To get you started, here's Gracie-Mae Bell, aged four, from Whitburn, as an evil but cute blood-sucking vampire!